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Quality simulation training for endovascular and angiography procedures.

In partnership with MedVision

MedVision is a global company committed to the advancement of quality education in healthcare through its range of patient and surgical simulators.

The MSE Group is the exclusive partner of MedVision in Europe.

Diagnostic and Surgical Skills in Angiography

AngioVision is suitable for radiology, cardiology and neuroradiology training programmes enabling hands-on practice of wide-ranging endovascular interventions. An extensive library of modules supports basic to advanced levels of competence.


  • Compact and portable for easy set-up at workshops and conferences
  • Touch-sensitive FullHD monitor for all menu controls and high-quality visuals
  • Real-time 3D tracking of all catheters
  • Haptic feedback system for tissue resistance

Safe learning in a virtual space

  • Work with a wide range of virtual instruments
  • Imitation of a real C-arm control panel
  • DSA (Digital Subtraction Angiography)
  • X-ray imaging in positive and negative with our 3D mode
  • A set of virtual hints and guides and step-by-step instructions

True-to-life educational experiences

  • Course of basic skills training
  • C-arm operation training
  • Work with real endovascular instruments
  • Customisable training courses
  • Real-time tracking for movement and rotation

Ergonomically designed

  • Real-time catheter tracing unit
  • Intuitive and simple touch screen controls

With its highly realistic and detailed anatomy, simulated physics, haptic feedback for tissue resistance, and radiocontrast agent spreading; AngioVision is unparalleled for its realism in preparation for real endovascular procedures.

Realistic X-Ray

  • During the fluoroscopy, the X-ray image reflects the corresponding changes in the current projection of the C-arm and the patient position
  • Heartbeat and breathing affect the displayed image
  • Realistic contrast spreading depending on the catheter position
  • The intensity of the fluoroscopic image corresponds to the volume of the introduced contrast agent, speed of injection and time interval from the moment of injection

Access points

  • Three access points (right radial, right femoral, left femoral)
  • Simultaneous work with multiple access points
  • Change the access point during the intervention

An Extensive Library of Educational Modules

AngioVision Library

Basic course

Balloon angioplasty and stenting

Intracranial Interventions

Aortic Aneurysm Repair

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