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LapVision Hybrid

The NEW LapVision Hybrid has been designed for realistic simulation scenarios in the OR setting to develop surgical teams in communication, decision-making and technical skills.

LapVision Hybrid

In partnership with MedVision

MedVision is a global company committed to the advancement of quality education in healthcare through its range of patient and surgical simulators.

The MSE Group is the exclusive partner of MedVision in Europe.

Surgical team simulation in OR scenarios

This comprehensive manikin-based training platform allows for the acquisition and retention of laparoscopic skills, which can be combined with a variety of dynamic OR scenarios, including anaesthesia administration and management of complications, and other emergency scenarios that may arise during surgical procedures.

Integrating the principles of Human Factors to enhance clinical performance

When combining surgical and anaesthesia emergencies into one seamless learning experience, you can create both common and complex critical scenarios that challenge the whole OR team.


Administering drug therapy
The induction of pneumoperitoneum
5 trocars in total (expandable with additional virtual trocars)
Bipolar and monopolar diathermy

LapVision Hybrid anaesthesia scenarios

Training together those that work together…

  • Enhance anaesthesia and surgical team performance in critical scenarios
  • Full range of advanced ventilation scenarios
  • Complete range of resuscitation and anaesthesia procedures
  • Surgeon’s actions can be controlled with the patient simulator’s vital signs
  • Magnetic haptic feedback with true-to-life tissue resistance
  • Realistic interactive laparoscopic stand set-up
  • Virtual anaesthesia and ventilation machines hook up
  • Extensive Leonardo functionality can be employed

Mastering instrument handling

• Our proprietary Magnetic Haptic System provides realistic feedback

• Magnetic Haptic System is also more reliable than mechanical ones

• Wireless instruments can be completely removed from the port

• Instruments use integrated gyroscopes for easy tool selection and swap

• A camera imitator with angle adjustment control

A complete training solution

• Training and exam modes

• Detailed statistics after each module

• High definition 3D graphics

• Video and text materials

• 3D anatomy atlas

An Extensive Library of Educational Modules

Immersive anatomies

  • Internal organs and abdominal cavity are modelled using footage from real surgeries
  • Internal bleeding that occurs during the exercise will lead to changes in the patient’s condition including possible death
  • When coagulating or dissecting, the tissues of the internal organs change and react accordingly
  • Realistic fluid physics
  • The abdominal cavity is operable, presenting the perfect learning opportunity to make surgical mistakes and then correct them

When it comes to running scenarios, let the software do the work!

The software solutions behind our simulator platforms follow a simple mantra: make it easy, make it reliable and make it do whatever the instructor wants!

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