Surgical Simulation

MedVision's surgical simulators support the acquisition, refinement and retention of procedural and psychomotor skills in laparoscopy, angiography and endoscopy.

LapVision Hybrid MSE Group Lap Vision Smart


    Designed for surgeons and a wide range of medical specialists to safely learn, refine and retain laparoscopic skills.

    MSE Group Lap Vision Smart


    Quality simulation training for endovascular and angiography procedures.


    The most comprehensive surgical simulator designed to provide realistic training experiences in endoscopic procedures.

    Student using EndoVision

    LapVision Hybrid

    The NEW LapVision Hybrid has been designed for realistic simulation scenarios in the OR setting to develop surgical teams in communication, decision-making and technical skills.

    LapVision Hybrid


    Laparo is the best-in-class laparoscopic skills training system for clinicians to develop and hone these skills to advanced levels of practice.

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