What Is TytoCare?

A comprehensive, complete solution for remote medical exams. Save yourself time and worry and have a doctor perform all the important examinations - from the comfort of your home using a TytoCare device.

Great for everyone. Amazing for child and senior care.

In partnership with TytoCare

Transforming primary care

TytoCare was created to help families around the world who are faced with challenges when accessing primary care. We replicate doctors’ physical exams, regardless of where you are or what condition you have – acute or chronic.

At TytoCare, we’re working towards a world where anybody, anywhere can get access to great healthcare without compromise.

Distributed by MSE Group in Germany and Austria.

A short video explaining what Tyto is

State-of-the-art technology

Tyto's greatest benefits:

it saves the waiting time
and gives immediate

90% of people

Can't get an appointment on the same day


Need to wait more than a week for an appointment

Remote physical exams

Give your members and patients access to high quality and affordable healthcare from the comfort of home, with no compromises. Remotely conduct a comprehensive examination of the:

  • ears
  • lungs
  • heart
  • throat
  • heart rate
  • temperature
  • skin
  • abdomen
  • and more

Certified sensors

Tyto devices use certified sensors that are tried and tested for clinical accuracy: camera, stethoscope, thermometer and heart rate.

All enclosed in an easy to use portable device, further enhanced by the app on your smartphone.

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