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Designed for surgeons and a wide range of medical specialists to safely learn, refine and retain laparoscopic skills.

MSE Group Lap Vision Smart

In partnership with MedVision

MedVision is a global company committed to the advancement of quality education in healthcare through its range of patient and surgical simulators.

The MSE Group is the exclusive partner of MedVision in Europe.

Simulation in laparoscopic skills

From basic to advanced levels of operation, LapVision provides a comprehensive educational platform that tests technical skills in a variety of surgical scenarios. Complete with a library of educational modules of common laparoscopic procedures, LapVision can be easily integrated into any surgical curriculum or training program.


Realistic instrument simulation
Virtual OR
Extensive library of laparoscopic modules

Lap Vision Standard in use

From basic skills to mastery in instrument handling, LapVision sets the standard for training in laparoscopic diagnostic and surgical procedures.


The compact design and portable nature of LapVision SMART makes it the perfect solution not just for simulation centres but also workshops and seminars. Simply place it on the table and begin!

  • Easy to set-up
  • Expandable with additional virtual trocars – up to five in total

Safe learning in a virtual space

  • 3D Anatomy Atlas
  • Video hints, step-by-step instructions and video courses
  • Complications and pathologies
  • Free mode of operation
  • Videos from real surgeries

Combining psychomotor skills and anatomical knowledge in a single learning experience

  • Course for basic skills training
  • Additional suturing modules
  • Screenshots and video recording
  • Magnetic haptic feedback system

Ergonomically designed

  • Mobile
  • Modular system thats easy to set up and service
  • Tabletop design (adjustable height table can be supplied)

Highly realistic instruments support a seamless transition of skills to real surgical practice

  • Our proprietary Magnetic Haptic System provides realistic feedback
  • Magnetic Haptic System is also more reliable than mechanical ones
  • Wireless instruments can be completely removed from the port
  • Instruments use integrated gyroscopes for easy tool selection and swap
  • Over 20 different virtual instruments are available that are commonly used in laparoscopic surgeries. We can add new instruments by arrangement.

An extensive of library of education modules

Basic and essential skills

Modules include:

  • Control of camera with multiple viewing angles
  • Vessel clipping and capturing
  • Electrocoagulation operating skills
  • Endoscopic scissor handling
  • Suturing and knot tying

Immersive anatomies

  • Internal organs and abdominal cavity are modelled using footage from real surgeries
  • Internal bleeding that occurs during the exercise will lead to changes in the patient’s condition including possible death
  • When coagulating or dissecting, the tissues of the internal organs change and react accordingly
  • Realistic fluid physics
  • The abdominal cavity is operable, presenting the perfect learning opportunity to make surgical mistakes and then correct them

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