Task Trainers for Trauma

Our partner, Extreme Simulations specialises in preparing people and organizations for crisis situations, using hyper-realistic tools and techniques.

Josh Task Trainer

Training in trauma... like you've never experienced before!

Extreme Simulations’ products are designed with trainers and trainees in mind. They feature durability, effectiveness, hyper-realism and ease of use and service. Take a look...

Andrew First Response

A manikin for emergency medical care and tactical training


3 different procedures in one task trainer: Tourniquet, Packing and Pressure Points

Tim Tourniquet

Tim Arm & Tim Leg task trainers are designed to learn basic lifesaving procedures in applying tourniquets and stopping bleed out.

Gabe IV Task Trainer

The realistic training aid to insert an IV

Wearable Wounds

The most cost-effective solution to increase the realism in your scenarios when employing standardised patients or using your existing manikins.

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