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Laparo is the best-in-class laparoscopic skills training system for clinicians to develop and hone these skills to advanced levels of practice.

In partnership with Laparo Medical Simulators

Laparo Medical Simulators is a leading company providing powerful and scalable solutions for surgical simulation. The company's focus is to develop new methods for training the difficult manual skills required in routine laparoscopic procedures with a vision of making laparoscopy training more accessible at medical simulation centers, hospitals and homes.

Laparo Advance is a laparoscopic trainer dedicated to institutional clients: hospitals and hospital wards. It allows for the practice of psychomotor skills associated with minimally invasive surgeries. It has been designed for the training of physicians, residents and students. It has an internal Full HD camera and LED light that imitates the conditions of surgery.

Features of Laparo

  • 10 precisely designed trocar positions
  • Full HD USB Camera
  • Free 360° movement with the possibility of blocking for self-training
  • Functional software with possibility of video recording, time tracking and image adjustment
  • Easy and quick installation of training modules
  • Learn with the assistance of Laparo learning materials
  • Ergonomics of the device imitate surgery conditions
  • Mobile - set up as an independent training station or use with any PC

Laparo Advance Simple Set

The Laparo Advance is the highest class of personal Laparoscopy Trainer. Portable, durable and of the highest design quality, it can be used with any computer.

Contents include:

  • Laparoscopic trainer with built-in camera and LED light
  • 4 training laparoscopic instruments: Grasper; Dissector; Scissors; Needle holder
  • 6 training modules: Rubber Bands; Threading; Balls; Suturing; Cutting / Suturing tense tissue; Universal
  • User manual
  • CD with software and unique license code (compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux)

Laparo Advance Training Station

Contents include:

  • Laparo Advance Simple Set
  • Computer with large touch screen
  • Training station:
    • foldable
    • height adjustable of monitor
    • height adjustment of worktop
    • wheels for easy mobility
    • worktop with cut-outs for instruments
    • robust construction
    • ergonomic

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