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MATT & Paediatric MATT

Our portable auscultation skills trainers are highly effective for learning cardiac, lung and abdomen auscultation points and sounds.

MSE Group MATT and Paediatric MATT 3

In partnership with MedVision

MedVision is a global company committed to the advancement of quality education in healthcare through its range of patient and surgical simulators.

The MSE Group is the exclusive partner of MedVision in Europe.

Auscultation skills made easy!

MedVision's auscultation task trainers (MATT) provide a rich library of sounds with amplified details for trainees to develop their patient assessment skills.

The sounds library conforms to American Thoracic Society guidelines.

Easy to teach... Easy to learn!

  • Adult and Paediatric manikins available
  • 39 Heart, 12 Lung and 14 Abdomen sounds
  • Anterior and Posterior auscultation points
  • All auscultation points light up
  • Transmit sounds to external speakers
  • Compatible with a real stethoscope
MATT auscultation skills training

Challenge assessment skills from clear clinical findings to detecting faint murmurs.

The flexible operating tablet allows you to:

  • Activate or deactivate auscultation points and back-lighting individually
  • Adjust volume and intensity of sounds
  • Change HR and RR for a sound that is currently being reproduced
  • Compare sound recordings
  • Sound matches ECG diagrams and other vital parameters

Intuitive software that supports self-directed learning

Trainees can independently practice their auscultation skills and build their competence at a pace that suits them. The software is easy to use with a number of helpful features including two different sounds being easy to compare within the same auscultation area. ECG and Respiratory Rate (RR) graphs are also displayed.

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