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Leonardo VR

Leonardo VR is MedVison's virtual reality patient simulator, allowing interaction and collaborative education (e.g. on a touchscreen table).

Leonardo VR in training

In partnership with MedVision

MedVision is a global company committed to the advancement of quality education in healthcare through its range of patient and surgical simulators.

The MSE Group is the exclusive partner of MedVision in Europe.

A new generation of virtual patients

Leonardo VR is designed to assist in acquiring diagnostic skills, running treatments, practicing clinical decision making, and thus accelerating various skills of a healthcare professional in training.

Leonardo VR is a software where you can interact with a virtual patient. The software has been designed to acquire diagnostic skills, run treatment, practice clinical decision making and thus accelerate various skills of a healthcare professional.


Available as a downloadable App (Windows OS Laptop/PC)
Touch table available with 55" mobile 4K display (optional)
Realistic graphics
Angle adjustment
Easy to move with mobile floor stand

Leonardo VR touchscreen table

A turn-key solution

Simple to set-up, easy to run... scenario training with so many possibilities!

True­-to­-life training environment at all stages, i.e. from diagnostics to treatment

Physical examination on all sides by moving the camera where necessary

A wide selection of virtual patients (male and female)


Realistic doctor­-patient communication, dynamic dialogues, quick response by the patient.

Choose from a list of available interview topics

  • Health status
  • Medication
  • Nutrition
  • Activity
  • Risk factor
  • Pain assessment

Tap the button and interact with the patient. In the drop-down list, select a question and get a preset reply from the patient.


Online vital signs monitoring.

Get access to the list of vital signs you can track in real-time: HR, SpO2, Blood Pressure, Temperature and Blood Sugar.


Open a list of actions for physical examination:

  • visual inspection of the skin
  • auscultation of the heart and lungs
  • percussion
  • external signs of pain
  • cyanosis
  • jaundice
  • chest movements
  • temperature measuring
  • checking the pupil reaction to light
  • etc.

Change the body position.


Select a test you need to make a diagnosis:

  • urinalysis
  • blood analysis
  • biochemistry
  • a complete blood count
  • cardiac markers
  • sputum analysis
  • ECG procedure
  • etc.


Get access to various methods of treatment and resuscitation: defibrillation, oxygen therapy, catheterization, etc.


Open a list of patient screening methods:

  • ECG
  • Radiography
  • Ultrasound
  • Angiography
  • Echocardiography
  • Endoscopy
  • etc.


  • An easy ­to­ use list of drugs for prescription (all drugs are allocated by category, dosage, and mode of administration)
  • A good collection of drugs, i.e. antibiotics, bronchodilators, vitamins, etc

End Of Scenario

A built­-in debriefing function: recording all the actions performed and assessing the student’s performance

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