A lower body 3 procedure task trainer and the perfect tool for packing, tourniquet and pressure point training

Josh packing

In partnership with Extreme Simulations

Extreme Simulations (EXS) develop and manufacture high-end medical simulators and provide ongoing training solutions for medical and emergency preparedness. EXS is the official and exclusive medical simulation trainer of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

3 essential procedures in a single task trainer

Josh is the first of its kind lower body (pelvis to legs) task trainer ensuring effective training in the important procedures of Packing, Tourniquet and pressure points. The ultimate training solution to stop the bleed.


for extreme simulations in the field

Easy to use

for realistic learning

Apply pressure points

on the groin and thigh

Technical specifications

Diameter at waist 85 cm

Length 61 cm

Weight 13.5 kg

Height 19.5 cm

Connectors Male – Steel - CPC

Limb Silicone standard Medical grade silicone

Inner diameter of silicone tube 7 mm

Thickness of silicone tube 4 mm

Manual Bleeding Pump 5 Liters

Connector Bleeding pump Female CPC

Casing Hardened Plastic Box

Documents User Manual + Warranty certificate + Technical Spec