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Brayden Baby Pro

The most comprehensive training system for infant CPR complete with objective assessment.

Brayden Baby Pro

In partnership with Innosonian

The award winning Brayden manikin was designed and developed by Innosonian Inc, based in South Korea. Since its launch in 2014, the range of Brayden adult, junior and infant manikins continue to be market-leading within the world-wide resuscitation community for effective CPR training.

Ensuring high standards in infant CPR

The Brayden Baby Pro manikin provides both objective and quantitative data necessary to validate infant CPR performance. Its exceptional operational flexibility with the Brayden Online software platform and added features for resuscitation scenarios make it the manikin of choice for infant CPR training programs in both hospital and pre-hospital settings.

The perfect solution for self-directed learning and assessment

Real-time ventilation feedback

Feedback on CPR quality can be provided through the manikin's light and sound features or for more metric-based feedback, use with the Brayden Online software.

Real-time feedback on chest compressions

Trainees can monitor the quality of compressions (depth, rate and recoil and finger/thumb position) and correct their technique accordingly.

Detailed debrief

Trainees can check their performance at the end of each cycle and identify areas for improvement.

Simple operation

A: + and - buttons allow ventilation feedback via audio and/or lights

B: Scenario button switched on brachial pulse

Checking the brachial pulse

The brachial pulse function can be used for infant BLS scenarios when required.

Brayden Online allows for a fully immersive training experience

A training platform that delivers high standards in training to support improved patient outcomes.

Brayden Online Logo Banner

Brayden Online is a comprehensive CPR training platform that can be tailored to the educational needs of the student; the training program management needs of the instructor and the quality control needs of organisations who must ensure and demonstrate the CPR competence of their staff.

Brayden Online is the ultimate self-directed training solution.... and more!

Including a host of features to support self-directed learning, instructor training, certification and complete management of your trainee database; Brayden Online is the ultimate professional tool to help you run your resuscitation training programs simply and efficiently.

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