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Brayden Adult Pro

The CPR manikin for comprehensive metric-based self-directed learning and instructor assessment.

Brayden Adult Pro

In partnership with Innosonian

The award winning Brayden manikin was designed and developed by Innosonian Inc, based in South Korea. Since its launch in 2014, the range of Brayden adult, junior and infant manikins continue to be market-leading within the world-wide resuscitation community for effective CPR training.

Ensuring high standards of CPR competence in your organisation

The Brayden Pro Adult manikin used in conjunction with Brayden Online offers both the trainee and the CPR instructor extensive learning and performance feedback opportunities. Trainees can build confidence in the quality of their CPR skills, while instructors can track and manage trainees' skills progression ensuring that the highest standards of competence are maintained within their organisation.

The perfect solution for self-directed learning and assessment

Real-time feedback on chest compressions

Trainees can monitor the quality of compressions (depth, rate and recoil) correcting their technique accordingly.

Real-time feedback on ventilation

Trainees can monitor the quality of ventilations (volume and speed) and adjust as necessary.

Detailed Debrief

Trainees can check their performance at the end of each cycle and identify areas for improvement.

Brayden Online Logo Banner

Brayden Online is a comprehensive CPR training platform that can be tailored to the educational needs of the student; the training program management needs of the instructor and the quality control needs of organisations who must ensure and demonstrate the CPR competence of their staff.

From one expert to another!

Brayden Online has been developed with the help from CPR experts around the world. This collaboration has enabled Brayden's scoring algorithm for CPR assessments to be accurate and according to relevant Guidelines.

Including a host of features to support self-directed learning, instructor training, certification and complete management of your trainee database; Brayden Online is the ultimate professional tool to help you run your resuscitation training programs simply and efficiently.


Self-directed learning

  • Practice and evaluate own performance via the assessment mode
  • Real-time feedback on quality of compressions and ventilation technique allows for meaningful improvement during training
  • Overall score and 8 separate metrics are illustrated for quick and easy analysis
  • Trainees can practice as often as required at a time that suits them


Delivering quality CPR training

  • Connect up to 6 Brayden Pro manikins
  • Enable CPR training consistent with international guidelines
  • CPR training protocols can be configured to suit the educational needs of the institution
  • Training results can be stored and viewed as required with ease
  • Provision of CPR certificates can be customised to the client's or trainee's institution

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