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SimBoost Suitcase

The SimBoost Suitcase is a mobile Audio Visual (AV) solution for you to run your simulation programs anywhere.

Simboost Suitcase

In partnership with SimBoost

SimBoost is a market leading developer of AV solutions for the unique needs of medical simulation training programs.

The MSE Group is the distribution partner of SimBoost in Europe.

The mobile AV solution that's easy to set-up and easy to operate

The SimBoost Suitcase is a mobile deployment solution that can work as a standalone system without the need for external servers. It can also be used in conjunction with a SimBoost Sim-center as a deployable in-situ recording solution, with a full sync back to SimBoost servers.

AV Recording System

Easy Operation

Professional Debriefing

SimBoost Suitcase

The suitcase solution comes in one of two basic hardware configurations: IP based components or USB-only. The components included can be further adapted to the customer’s needs, taking into account requirements on weight, deployment time, scenario types and operation methodologies.

Key Features

Audio-Video Recording

Synchronized HQ AV recording is at the heart of SimBoost with capture cameras/screens/microphones in the system.

Tags & Annotations

Add tags or free-text annotations in real-time to make the debriefing even more effective

Multiple screens

Multi-screen support, including for different audiences. A station can display a clean screen for observers and another for the operator with controls.

Export Edited Videos

Easily export debrief videos in standard mpeg4 format. Benefit from smart auto-editing capabilities.

Split screen

An operator has a flexible display of multiple video captures with changing views and from more than one room.

Recording Search

Find the recording that you need easily.

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