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SimBoost Essentials

A comprehensive suite of Audio Visual (AV) tools to support the management of your simulation programs.

Essentials debriefing

In partnership with SimBoost

SimBoost is a market leading developer of AV solutions for the unique needs of medical simulation training programs.

The MSE Group is the distribution partner of SimBoost in Europe.

It's more than just an AV system!

SimBoost's innovative solutions are based on years of experience in management systems for simulation centres of all sizes. The software manages the A to Z of simulation program operations, including video recording, scheduling, debriefing and so much more.

AV Recording System

Easy Operation

Professional Debriefing

Audio Visual

  • Support for an extensive variety of IP and USB cameras
  • Support for wired & wireless cameras and microphones
  • Solutions for recording screens and medical equipment monitors
  • Synchronisation between all cameras, encoders and microphones
  • Noise filtering system
  • Control of PTZ cameras including per scenario PTZ presets


  • Operate simultaneous simulations from one station
  • Live Intercom to the rooms or directly to the ear of an actor (SP) or instructor
  • Online viewing in multiple cameras and rooms
  • Create a schedule for the simulations/exercises
  • Define your set of scenarios
  • Observer view - for viewing without on-screen controls
  • Support for multi-screen display
  • Gather feedback by viewers
  • Manage viewing permissions


  • Easily focus on the most interesting points that occurred during the scenario
  • View a dynamic split screen
  • Control the timeline using a single master control for all the feeds
  • Control the audio channels that are played-back while watching
  • According to actual occurrence, always observe the main camera automatically
  • Easily export debrief videos in standard mpeg4 format

SimBoost Unlimited

SimBoost Unlimited is the ultimate AV software solution that supports the entire training process - from planning, through the actual training, instructor observation, feedback collection and the final comprehensive debrief.

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