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Air cleaning and disinfection solutions for critical environments.

Airlife SA-100

In partnership with Airlife Swiss

AIRLIFE SWISS has 25 years in designing and developing air quality systems. The company has a global installation of systems that includes over 75 Covid clinics, 450 general clinics and services over 70,000 customers in a variety of industry settings.

Making the air you breathe clean and safe...

Mobile and integrated Air Purification Systems to increase air quality and mitigate risks of airborne infections.

Airlife's unique filtration technology ensures high quality air throughout your building and exceptional efficiency in removing a variety of pollutant molecules and microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19.

Solutions for Critical Environments

Airlife provides air cleaning and disinfection solutions for critical environments like hospitals, clean rooms and the food processing and pharmaceutical industries. The systems clean the air of all mechanical, microbiological and chemical pollutants.


AIRLIFE SWISS removes all chemical, microbiological and mechanical pollutants like dust, allergens, unpleasant odours, viruses and bacteria. Our systems completely remove and inactivate all types of microorganisms, including strains resistant to UVC radiation and ozone.

Healthcare - Air Filtration


Create a safe and healthy atmosphere inside buildings. AIRLIFE SWISS is for places where people come together: offices, restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, social facilities etc.


Indoor air quality plays an essential role in classrooms. With AIRLIFE SWISS, students stay sharp all day and are protected against airborne infections.

Application Areas

Stand-alone devices

AIRLIFE SA units are autonomous and do not require a connection to a ventilation system. They recirculate and clean the air of all types of pollutants. The stand-alone units eliminate allergens and kill all types of microorganisms, such as fungi and mould spores, viruses and bacteria, including organisms resistant to UV and ozone. Effective also against SARS-CoV-2

Airlife Stand-alone device

In-duct solutions

AIRLIFE С systems are designed to be integrated into a mechanical ventilation system. They clean supply/exhaust air of dust, smoke, allergens, viruses and bacteria and remove unpleasant odours. AIRLIFE C solutions can also be installed into existing ventilation systems without major upgrades thanks to a low-pressure drop filter.

Airlife In-duct solutions

Laminar Airflow Ceilings

AIRLIFE LAM products provide sterile unidirectional airflow. They protect the workplace from pathogenic microorganisms, mechanical particles and hazardous substances.

Laminar Airflow Ceilings

Unique Technology

An innovative concept of filter staging to maximize efficiency.

Airlife Filtration System

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